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  • Truth (with Jeremy Wyatt) (in preparation)

  • The Socratic Classroom (with Robert Colter) (in preparation)

  • Why Facts Matter (in preparation)

  • The Identities of Action: How Consequences Affect the Nature of Action. Lexington Press, 2024.

  • Commonsense Pluralism about Truth: An Empirical Defence. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

Edited anthologies:

Special issues of peer-reviewed journals:

  • Truth Without Borders: A Special Issue, edited with Jeremy Wyatt and Masaharu Mizumoto. Asian Journal of Philosophy (2023)

    • Joseph Ulatowski, Jeremy Wyatt, and Masaharu Mizumoto, Introduction ​

    • Georgina Tuari Stewart, "Truth Myths of New Zealand" 2(1): 1-16.

    • Christopher Rahlwes, "Nāgārjuna, Madhyamaka, and Truth" 2(1): 17-xx.

    • Jennifer Nado, "Truth in Philosophy: A Conceptual Engineering Approach" 2(1): xx-xx

    • Kevin Reuter, "The Ambiguity of 'True' in English, German, and Chinese" 2(1): xx-xx

    • TBD

    • TBD

    • TBD

  • Australasian Philosophical Review, featuring Gila Sher, curated with Aaron Griffith, Shawn Hernandez, David Kashtan, & Cory Wright (2023)

    • Joseph Ulatowski, Aaron Griffith, Shawn Hernandez, David Kashtan, and Cory Wright, "Introduction"

    • Gila Sher, ​"The "Post-Truth" Crisis, the Value of Truth, and the Substantivist-Deflationist Debate"

    • Invited commentaries:​

      • ​Filippo Ferrari, "The "Post-Truth" Crisis and Alethic Minimalism"

      • Gurpreet Rattan, ​"Immanence and Transcendence in the Cognitive Modality of Truth"

      • Chase Wrenn, ​"Making Sense of Truth as a Value"

    • Open peer commentaries:​

      • Jamin Asay, "Can't Help Falling in Love (with Truth)"​

      • Jim Hutchinson, "Motivated Reasoning and the Problem of Post-Truth"

      • Jeremy Wyatt, "Cultural Values and the Nature of Truth"

  • Minimalism about Truth: A Special Issue (edited with Cory Wright). Synthese 195.3 (2018): 927-1138.

    • Joseph Ulatowski and Cory Wright, "Minimalism about truth: Special issue introduction​"

    • Andrew Howat, "Constituting assertion: A pragmatist critique of Horwich's 'Truth'"

    • Katarzyna Kijania-Placek, "Can minimalism about truth embrace polysemy?"

    • Cory Wright, "Truth, explanation, minimalism"

    • Keith Simmons, "Three questions for minimalism"

    • Teresa Marques, "This is not an instance of (E)"

    • Anil Gupta and Shawn Standefer, "Intersubstitutivity principles and the generalization function of truth"

    • Cezary Cieślinski, "Minimalism and the generalisation problem: On Horwich's second solution"

    • Filippo Ferrari, "The value of minimalist truth"

    • Paul Horwich, "Is truth a normative concept?"

Journal articles:​

  • Virtues, Self-Narratives and the Causes of Action (with David Lumsden)Acta Analytica (online first)

Book Chapters:

  • Experimental Philosophy. In The Cambridge Handbook of Analytical Philosophy, edited by Marcus Rossberg. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press (forthcoming).

  • From Infants to Great Apes: False Belief Attribution and Primitivism about Truth [with Jeremy Wyatt]. In Experimental Philosophy of Language: Perspectives, Methods, and Prospects, edited by David Bordonaba, pp. 263-286. Dordrecht: Springer, 2023.

  • How Self-Narratives and Virtues Cause Action (with David Lumsden). In Virtue, Narrative, and the Self: Explorations of Character in the Philosophy of Mind and Action, edited by Joseph Ulatowski and Liezl van Zyl, pp. 69-90. London: Routledge, 2020.

  • Virtue, Narrative, and Self: An Introduction (with Liezl van Zyl). In Virtue, Narrative, and the Self: Explorations of Character in the Philosophy of Mind and Action, edited by Joseph Ulatowski and Liezl van Zyl, pp. 1-18. London: Routledge, 2020.

  • Do People Really Think That ⸢φ⸣ Is True If And Only If φ? (with Robert Barnard) In Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, edited by Andrew Aberdein and Matthew Inglis, pp. 145-172​. London: Bloomsbury, 2019.

  • Thinking About the Liar, Fast and Slow. (with Robert Barnard and Jonathan Weinberg) In Reflections on the Liar, ed. Bradley Armour-Garb, pp. 39-70. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.

  • The Duplicity Of Online Behavior. In Social Media and Living Well, eds. Berrin Beasley and Mitchell Haney, pp. 124-149. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2015.

Encyclopedia contributions:

  • Truth in Izydora Dąmbska (1904-1983). Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts in Women Philosophers (forthcoming).

  • Conventionalism in Izydora Dąmbska (1904-1983). Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts in Women Philosophers (forthcoming).

  • Anti-irrationalism in Izydora Dąmbska (1904-1983). Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts in Women Philosophers (2023).

  • Prosentential theory of truth in Dorothy Grover (1936-2017). (with Diane Proudfoot and Jeremy Wyatt). Encyclopedia of Concise Concepts in Women Philosophers (2022).

  • Circus maximus (with Neil R. McCrillis). Encyclopedia of Sport in American Culture, ed. Joyce Duncan. ABC-Clio Publications (1997).

Critical Notices:

Memorial Notices:



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