My research has focused on notional variants of the truth-concept, and I have used empirical studies to uncover that there is likely more than one folk truth concept. Jeremy Wyatt has called this conceptual pluralism about truth (see his "Truth in English and Elsewhere: An Empirically-Informed Functionalism"), which Nikolaj Pedersen and Cory Wright have categorised amongst platitude-based strategies of alethic pluralism (cf. "Pluralist Theories of Truth," Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy).  I have defended this view in my book Commonsense Pluralism about Truth: An Empirical Defence (Palgrave Macmillan 2017).
Beyond this, my areas of research interest include metaphysics, especially philosophy of action and philosophy of language. I tend to invest some of my time on specific historical figures, such as Marja Kokoszyńska-Lutman (amongst other members of the Lvov-Warsaw School), Arne Næss, Alfred Tarski, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Long-term, I am considering the relatively monumental task of writing an intellectual biography of Arne Næss. More information about my research is available here and drafts of work in progress are available here.


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