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Besides introductory philosophy courses, I regularly teach undergraduate courses in the philosophy of language and metaphysics, and graduate courses on topics concerning the nature and value of truth, facts, action and events


My pedagogical practices are informed by my ongoing collaborative research projects on scaffolded learning with Rob Colter (Wyoming), in the scholarship of teaching and learning.  He and I have devised a Socratic Model of Scaffolded Learning that moves students from a relative state of ignorance to well developed autonomous thinkers. Rob and I's The Socratic Classroom should be available soon.

Note: New Zealand uses different terminology than US, Canada, Germany, and UK universities. First, courses are called "papers" and syllabi are "paper outlines." Second, colleges are secondary schools, and universities are a part of the tertiary education system. Autumn semesters in the Southern Hemisphere occur from March through June, and spring semesters from July through October. The summer begins in mid-October and ends at the beginning of March. Academic years are isomorphic with calendar years.


A Trimester (Autumn)

  • PHILO204-24A: Lying and Fake News in Polarised Communities: Social Aspects of Language and Knowledge

  • PHILO304-24A / PHILO534-24A: Truth, Bullshit, and the Global Community (w/ Jeremy Wyatt)

  • PHILO588-24A: Foundations of Philosophical Research: Action Theory and Moral Psychology

B Trimester (Spring)

  • PHILO102-24B: Introduction to Logic

2025 [tentative]

  • PHILO204-25H (Summer; 5 weeks): Lying and Fake News in Polarised Communities

  • PHILO150-25B (Spring): Big Question: Introduction to Philosophy

  • PHILO588-25B (Spring): Foundations of Philosophical Research: Action Theory and Moral Psychology

Previous Courses

at the University of Waikato

  • PHILO 102: Introduction to Logic (2018B)

  • PHILO 103: Critical Reasoning (2017A [w/ Justine Kingsbury], 2016A [w/ Stephanie Gibbons])

  • PHILO 150: Big Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy (2023B, 2022B, 2016B [w/ Dan Weijers])

  • PHILO 204: Wisdom, Language, and Communication (2023A, 2022B, 2021A, 2019A, 2018A, 2017S)

  • PHILO 204: Lying and Fake News in Polarised Communities (2024A)

  • PHILO 208: Reason, Science, and Pseudoscience (2020B, 2016A [w/ Justine Kingsbury])

  • PHILO 222: Possible Worlds (2017A [w/ Catherine Legg])

  • PHILO 250: Knowledge and Reality (2016A [w/ Stephanie Gibbons])

  • PHILO 304: Meaning, Understanding, and Truth (2020B, 2022A [w/ Jeremy Wyatt]

  • PHILO 304: Truth, Bullshit, and the Global Community (2024A [w/ Jeremy Wyatt])

  • PHILO 309: Ethical Theory (2017B [w/ Liezl van Zyl])

  • PHILO 350: Recent Analytical Philosophy (2018B, 2016B [w/ Cathy Legg)

  • PHILO355: Fundamental Structure of the World (2022A)

    Graduate level:

  • PHILO 534: Seminar on Philosophy of Language (2020B, 2022A, 2024A [w/ Jeremy Wyatt]) 

  • PHILO 545: Seminar on Aesthetics (2018B [w/ Justine Kingsbury & Liezl van Zyl])

  • PHILO 588: Foundations of Philosophical Research (2024A, 2023A, 2021A, 2019A)

at other universities

Introductory Courses

  • Introduction to Philosophy (32 sections)

  • Introduction to Logic (15 sections)

  • Intellectual Community in Philosophy (Autumn 2008)


  • Metaphysics (Spring 2014)

  • Metaphysics of Race (Summer 2012)

  • Computers and Culture (Spring 2011)

  • Death and the Meaning of Life (Summer 2013, Summer 2014)

  • Philosophy of Western Religion (Spring 2007)

  • Philosophy of Eastern Religion (Spring 2008)

  • Seminar: Philosophy of Mind (Spring 2013)

  • Seminar: The Nature of Truth (Autumn 2013)

  • Seminar: Metaphysics and the Structure of Action (Spring 2013)


  • Philosophy of Science (Autumn 2013, Autumn 2012)

  • Epistemology (Autumn 2014)

  • Seminar: Brandom's Making It Explicit (Summer 2011)


  • Business Ethics (Autumn 2015)

  • Natural Resource Ethics (Spring 2013)

  • Ethics for Security Professionals (Spring 2015)

  • Moral Psychology and Neuroethics (Summer 2009)

  • Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Ethical Problems (Summer 2005)


  • Critical Reasoning (including Honours sections; 11 sections)

  • Symbolic Logic (Summer 2003, Summer 2004, Summer 2005, Spring 2013)

History of Philosophy

  • Existentialism (Autumn 2007)

  • Modern Philosophy (Spring 2014)

  • Philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein (Summer 2010)

Philosophical Methods

  • Seminar: Experimental Philosophy (Spring 2009)

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