On email correspondence:

Please read this before you email me. If I don't reply to your email immediately, I'm not ignoring you. Please be patient with me; I receive more emails in one day than I can possibly respond to. 

On COVID-19 response by University academic staff: 

Academic staff of the University of Waikato are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all staff and students during the most recent outbreak of COVID-19 in New Zealand. To ensure that we keep us and our whānau safe, it is highly recommended, but not mandatory, that members of the University community wear masks at all times while they are on campus. A face shield or safety goggles is also a good means of protecting oneself and others. If you are feeling unwell, remain at home until you are well and be sure to contact HealthLine to arrange for a COVID-19 test. Finally, according to New Zealand law, all people using indoor venues must check-in using the COVID-19 app or sign-in at the designated entry way. 

On peer-reviewing for book publishers and professional journals: 

If you are an editor or publisher who needs someone to review a book proposal, a full book manuscript, or submitted article, please get in touch. I am especially keen to review work for less prestigious venues and open access peer reviewed publishers and journals. I am happy to review anything in my areas of philosophical interest, and I usually return the review within a few days. If I cannot guarantee that I will be able to return the review within 7 days, I will decline the invitation and provide the names of at least three other potential referees.

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