On email correspondence:

Please read this before you email me. If I don't reply to your email immediately, I'm not ignoring you. Please be patient with me; I receive more emails in one day than I can possibly respond to. 

On peer-reviewing for book publishers and professional journals: 

If you are an editor or publisher who needs someone to review a book proposal, a full book manuscript, or submitted article, please get in touch. I am especially keen to review work for less prestigious venues and open access peer reviewed publishers and journals.  I am happy to review anything in my areas of philosophical interest, and I usually return the review within a few days.  If I cannot guarantee that I will be able to return the review within 7 days, I will decline the invitation and provide the names of at least three other potential referees.

Contact Me

Thanks for submitting! My email inbox tends to fill quickly. I will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.